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Sirius Black as The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter

a super fun commission by pigfartsstudent. I can’t believe what wonderful requests people send me!

(send me a commission request here) 

It has been YEARS since I had an art trade where I was drawing for someone. My policy is to never mention anything like free art from an artist, because you know, you should pay for it in some way or form. And someone came up to me a few days ago and asked for an art trade, what a shock!
Anyways, the person who requested it is chidoriichan, who introduced (or made use of) the limited color palate, and asked if I wanted to do an art trade. The request was ‘draw Monty Oum’, and you know, the internet was full of references of his face. I remember reading the credits to RWBY that he did the voice of Lie Ren, so I was like WHY THE HELL NOT RIGHT? 
One day I hope he sees this, or someone shows it to him.
Also, this experience has opened me up to doing digital commissions again. Felt so refreshing. Will open up with digital submissions when I make some more sample work. 
In the meantime, I’m open for commissions and check out my storenvy shop and see if you like anything :D



19 pages full color, each pre-order includes a gift. 

Why preorder?
I don’t feel like relying on my college funding stash and I don’t feel like Kickstarter for a list of reasons. I am currently holding a ‘preorder’ special where you can get a little extra bonus ordering now than later (sticker and/or a postcard print). 

This comic is ALREADY completed and printed in an anthology, but I want the individual copy because then I can sell my comic cheaper, and I need a more up-to-date comic for a certain art show I want to enter in (my last self-published comic was more than four years old and does not qualify). The problem is that I would like a set of printed ones for my partner who is the colorist, and she lives across the globe in AUSTRALIA. In addition, I need the money to purchase envelopes and sleeves for them, and also need factor shipping/handling costs—THAT ADDS UP. 

I hope you guys can help out by spreading the word or even *gasp* purchasing a copy yourself. 
For more info on what you can get, please click this link and click on one of the pre-orders and see if you’re interested

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE! One print run only, once it’s out I doubt it will ever get printed ever again!

How often do people commission you?

Okay, I’m just curious, since I know many of you are quite talented and have a name for yourself, but my question for everyone is:
When you post a ‘open for commissions’ thing, how often do you get it? How many a month? how soon? Etc.

Another ‘what if RWBY was a comic?’ thought. This time with Yang. 

RWBY is property of Rooster Teeth and to clarify anything questionable, this is not any official comic from them. It’s a one page comic practice for me.


Please check my online store too:

I really need some cash to pay back a WHOPPING amount of school loans and my camera lens recently broke and has no warranty on it anymore. I’m open for digital commissions now, and I can even do a one-page comic commission just like this for $75/page. 550px x 850px.

#Cosdrawing ,genius cosplay btw. I was really sad when I made this, it kind of shows on the pic.

The Ice Queen, chibified. Her color scheme is very tricky, because it’s all really light blue and white; hair and clothes.
Weiss Schnee from RWBY 

For chibi commissions like this, it is $40, and add $10 for a printed set of two stickers of your chibi commission!

Current available commission prices. I tried to make my prices somewhat equal to the amount of effort and time I spend on them. 
Later I’ll have more samples and include single non-background markers commissions along with one-page comic commissions. If you’re wondering why I don’t sell pencil drawings, it’s because my pencils are very unprofessional and I often spend more time and get frustrated trying to get pencils ‘clean’ for someone than I do with pen and ink. 
All available commissions will be MAILED to you when complete. For the digital chibi, you can add $10 to get it printed and mailed to you as a sticker. 

Some spur of the moment ‘what if RWBY was a comic’ kinda thing. 3 hour practice. 
RWBY is property of Rooster Teeth and to clarify for the gullible, this is not any official comic from them. It’s a one page comic practice for me.

OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS: http://jackieloart.tumblr.com/post/94793790676/current-available-commission-prices-i-tried-to 


This person had the balls to 1)take my friend’s image, 2) photoshop it without permission, 3) remove her watermark with her website, and 4) stick her OWN watermark on top of the image. 

My friend’s original image is here

Seeing as the topic of this image is very obvious, I can only assume this person was trying to exploit it for page views (not to mention the insane amount of hashtags). Please share this post and leave a comment on her facebook about stealing my friend’s art >:0

oh, now she says she took it from SOMEONE ELSE. Oh wait, then why did she still stick that watermark WITH HER NAME on it? Omg, and she’s a freakin actress and director too. She’s awfully ignorant about copyright laws. 


Another great one via Jhall Comics

Chibi sample of Ruby Rose, from RWBY

If you’d like a digital chibi commission, they’re $40 each, add $10 to get them printed as two stickers and mailed to you, free shipping inside and outside the US.

Woke up early in the morning because I saw episode 3 of RWBY and couldn’t sleep because the theme song was on loop in my head. I feel a little better now. Just a little.
Haven’t done any more-than-ten-minutes artwork in two weeks and suddenly all the stuff looks stiff as hell. Need to practice more. I know her head is whack, but feels so…..STIFF.

Pen and markers on watercolor paper.

Staring at this, it’s obvious I need to improve. Anyone have any critiques?



Here’s the tumblr link, and please reblog it if you can: jackieloart.tumblr.com/post/93…


craftypineapplepocky3 craftypineapplepocky4

The Story: The story is inspired by Laura Renfrew’s original character Lady Vanity, and her childhood as ‘Starlight Lass.’ Along with her partner ‘Fluffy Girl’, they team up to beat the bad guys. Life is great, but what’s really in it for the both of them?

19 pages full…

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Austin Wizard World Comic Con Commission request guidelines!  Weee!

Email me at k@kevinwada.com to reserve a spot:

- 11x14” full figure - $100

- 8x10” 3/4 figure - $60

- BW with one color (sorry, kiddies)

- 1 character per commission request

- We can do costume specific, fashionization, reinterpretation - whatever you want.  Any poses or actions or likenesses I apologize ahead of time if I don’t nail down exactly how you want.

- Can be a character from any source material, including your own - just be sure to provide ample reference material for original characters and costume specific requests.

- You can have other people pick up your pieces if you cannot attend, just be sure to let me know so I can mark their name down.

- Any pieces not picked up at the show will not be mailed out to their requesters after the show so if you can’t make it, be sure to arrange something with someone who you know will be at the con.

Post will be open till I’ve filled up my list so spread the word!!!

Oh, she still open y’all.  Spread that butter.

Still accepting requests.  Signal boooooooost.