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awesome AMV of Soul Eater. Took every freaky action scene and shoved it in one song :D 

youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/HagarenGao

YOUR top ten vs MY top ten vs THE top ten

I almost always disagree when I see these ‘top ten anime’ things. It’s because people are stuck in the 90s or are too mainstream to see other series out there. So I want to point out some things:

You should never say “THE TOP TEN” whatever because it’s all your own opinion, and your opinion most likely sucks to someone out there. There’s too much variables to claim there was ever a number one in the first place. 

"MY TOP TEN" is something you shouldn’t flame someone on, because this is their own opinion they want to share. You can recommend something else to them, but telling them their favorite shit, no matter how bad it is, isn’t the right thing to do. Because hey, your top ten could be complete shit to me and I wouldn’t care. 

"YOUR TOP TEN" or "VOTED TOP TEN" is often really bad, in my opinion. They’re usually voted by people who hang around the site, and the variables of that could be too many youngsters, too many hipsters, and people who vote just because they heard of it. Although can’t agree all is bad, there are always the ‘wait…how did this happen?’ situation. 

Just saw some “top 25 anime openings” thing and about half of it must have come from bleach/naruto/fullmetal alchemist, and Ergo Proxy or Ghost In The Shell wasn’t mentioned at all and a little smoke came out my ears. I know i haven’t seen ever anime in the world to judge, but I know I’ve seen enough anime to tell you if you got your head in a hole and you shouldn’t claim to know everything yet. 


Now I confess to you all how huge of a nerd I truly am. I just finished writing a Void fanfiction, and it is, like, just a thesis of smut. 15 god damn pages of smut. No you cannot read it. I don’t even know why I decided to put it to paper. I just wanted everyone to know how far into the depths of shitty fangirl Hell I am in XD

I wonder who’s in it……

Cosdrawing-current gallery »

When anime otaku meets fine art….well sorta. Anyways, I’ve completed sixteen images, and my goal is at least fifty before Fanime.
Will be making separate posts in the next few days about the ones for sale ;)
So what do you think?

Started whipping out the Copic airbrush. This is the last #Cosdrawing before I announce it to the cosplay group, but definitely not the last drawing. FYI all these drawings were all from the same event!

Dude pulled out a camera and I took a photo of him Literally pokemon snap! #Cosdrawing

Now that I have photo corners, I can photograph them with the Matboards! This #Cosdrawing looks a little stiff, need to loosen up a bit.


College life. Now time to buy them on amazon and return these things =_=

Even though I posted the song, this dude spliced the movie pretty damn well with the song ShadyVox did for the abridged. I guess this would be like an AMV, but call it ‘abridged music video’ lol. 

added SIX new drawings to my store! »

Some of the ‘Cosdrawing’ pieces are in store now! With added frames that match the piece and the shipping is already included in the price :)

A Lesson from Art School

I had a wonderful conversation with some people today at a cafe. Here’s a little advice for some people who question the morality of gender and whatever shit. 

Art school taught me a few things:

  •      One is that you don’t ask about someone’s gender, as when they feel like telling you, they’ll just say it without a doubt. By the time that happens, you would have realized that you are talking to a person for who they are, and not what gender they are. 
  •      Two is that there’s no difference between liking a girl or a guy. It’s maybe just me in art school, but eventually you talk exactly the same way you treat a guy as you treat a girl. Because you shouldn’t be a dick in the first place.
  •      Three is the bathroom issue (or more like determining someone based on the genitals in their pants)—seriously, does it matter? Dude, the girls bathroom have stalls, I’d actually find it freakier if someone looked under the stalls to check if the dude was tinkling there. I think it’s just an art school thing, but you eventually ignore being freaked out by a penis or boobs. I can’t vouch for the men’s bathroom, but I can say the only ‘peek’ you really get are girls doing makeup in front of the mirror :T
  •      Four is don’t bother changing someone’s sexual preference. Simply put, if a guy/girl likes a guy/girl why in the freakin hell would you tell them to stop loving someone so badly? Is it wrong for your friend to like something they like, or is it wrong for you to try and make them hate it? Everyone’s got their little fetishes, no way in hell I’m gonna let someone tell me I can’t read my [you don’t wanna know] comics. 

Now you should reflect on these ideas. Now time to sleep.


Yep, they’re finally being set up. They come with a cute cardboard frame too, really makes them pop a lot more :3

When fine art clashes with nerdom!

At the maid and butler cafe event, 536 9th st, Oakland. Fun with jenga!

If you don’t know what this is about, you probably didn’t watch the abridged series, or the BBT movie abridged.
Okay so I’ve been REALLY hooked on the YuGiOh! Abridged series and watched the YGOTAS one. I’m far from being a nutcase YugiOh fangirl, but I was listening to the ‘Abridged Greatest Hits Vol.2” thing and there was a song in it that’s called “Shady Could’ve Done It Better ” and I was like…wait..this makes so much sense now—I’m a fangirl of ShadyVox, aka. Jayden’s voice actor in the abridged series. I do get the tinglies when I hear ‘Stronger’ rapped by this guy. He sure can rap. 
Sadly, it seems he left his abridged crew to go for a professional music career. I will root for Blake Swift now. I’ll keep waiting for the next GX abridged too. 
Thank you littlekuriboh for opening my eyes up to Yugioh, thank you ShadyVox for rapping about children’s card games like a boss :D

episode 5 YGXTAS abridged reference