Art by Jackie Lo

There's a watermark on the art for a reason.

Round two of printing my own comics-SUCCESS! I’m not sure how mmany to print or how much to charge. I’m thinking five bucks, but is that too much for eleven pages with a sticker?

Done and never done

Finnally finished 25 chibis for tea time cafe and 10 chibis for Krakencon. I alrady sense the early symptoms of carpal.I got a fuckload of practice these past two months. But I feel damn accomplished right now. Sorry no new art for a few days.


Masterpost of tumblr artists that have been reposted in these posts.

Apologies to the artists for tagging them again, but if this helps the art get sourced and the artists credited, then I think it’s worth it.

There are many pieces from the same artist but for ease, I’ve only listed each artist once.

If you know any that I missed, or the pixiv/deviantArt artists in the galleries, please send a message to me or chaotic-melody and the reposter will credit the art! (I may or may not make a masterpost like this of deviantArt and pixiv artists soon, but any help is welcomed.)

If you are an artists whose work has been reposted, simply either ask the reddit poster to source or remove your work or let one of us know and we’ll pass the information onto the poster to add.

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omg, amazing! You took the art of so many people and you ACTUALLY CREDITED THEIR SITES!! Omg the world still has hope, you’re awesome!! *hug* X3

I fell behind from first to fourth place in a day and i’m seriously behind in votes! please help me out! Here’s the photo I submitted to the contest, if you like it, please help me out!

PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK AND ‘LIKE’ THE PHOTO! I want to prove to my brother my fruits of love >.>’ he thinks I dont love my camera, but I really do love ‘mr snipe-y’. I want to prove to him I really do T_T

Please share this post and spread the word too, I really appreciate all your help and I am under a fifty votes from someone else, and omfg how do I do this?! T_T

MODEL: PAPER CLIP —check out her other cosplays!

omg one more day and crossing my fingers T_T

Why you should draw porn

I had an interesting conversation with two people today. I told them this:

If there was no one there to draw porn, we would not have porn today.

Words of wisdom from me. You’re welcome.